Covidien Intro video

Animation to introduce a new product for Covidien. I worked on everything from storyboard, to after effects animation, to working with sound designers on the score. I enjoyed turning the white paper story and translating it into a visual and typographic expression.

Covidien Web How to

A series of four video animations created for Covidien to help new users to their portal to see some of the background of the product and how to use it. Starting with storyboards, to working with sound designer, and after effects animation, I was able to create these animations. It was fun to keep the animations within a series but have variations based off their story.

Teacher2Teacher Challenges—How it works

Designed for an IDEO project. From storyboard to illustration, I was able to create this animation in a very short amount of time.


Asolva Video

Homepage video to introduce a new medical product.